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  1. Happy Birthday DarkBlackOMG!

  2. Happy Birthday DarkBlackOMG!

  3. Happy Birthday DarkBlackOMG!

  4. Happy Birthday DarkBlackOMG!

  5. I just got some mirror's Edge Catalyst Closed Beta code, Now i'll enjoy iy :>

    1. Puddingsbane


      Please I want your feedback for that game. Been hyped since i saw the teaser on E3

  6. Happy Birthday DarkBlackOMG!

    1. DarkBlackOMG


      Thanks my boss :DDDDD

  7. Finally exams are gone :)

  8. Happy birthday soon, i hope that being 1 year older doesn't change that u are nub :P
  9. GG I got 2 photos, one with the score and another with the time but 1 round after. http://i.imgur.com/XMcxLEZ.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/GPIjZvM.jpg
  10. Done, i got scammed once too and it feels too bad.
  11. You have to win matches at the arena, you will earn 10 points by won match.
  12. I'll show you a way to get free CS:GO skins just by playing. 1.- Register here and fill all the gaps with your information. 2.- Go on the webpage to CSGO Competitive Arena at the left bottom. 3.- Choose Head to Head (1v1) or 2v2 4.-When you won enought points go to Marketplace and choose the skin that you want. 5.- Enjoy your free skins ^^
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