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  1. Happy Birthday Azeri!

  2. Welcome back mate ;)

  3. Happy Birthday Azeri!

  4. Happy Birthday Azeri!

  5. Happy Birthday Azeri!

  6. Kaby Lake is not yet released so not many thing are known about it yet. i7-7700k will be the competent for the 6700k. For a monitor I don't really have a preference but Asus monitors have a pretty nice display I would choose one of them. And for refresh rate it is totally personal preference. If you play comp and want to be reeeeeaaaallllyyy precise you should go for a higher one. And it gives maybe a slightly smoother experience but only above 144fps
  7. HDD is a must have :) You will need that 1TB storage no matter what :p I got already 2 TB HDD storage and 1,5 TB on cloud and yet I struggle with managing free space :D Backing up sensitive data shouldn't be a problem when you got separate HDDs so it won't be an issue if one of them fails. (Plus an external house+USB for it is a nice addition) 144 Hz monitor is a huge question mark in my life though. 60fps is already enough for me but I played on 144 Hz monitor before and you can feel the difference but only at the capped refresh rate. I guess it wouldn't be a problem with these parts but on
  8. I got one too for the exact same reason for a while now :D
  9. I just download a repack later lol. 55GB? I guess the infinite warfare files are 50 out of that 55
  10. >jumps through the whole map at 200km/h "Oi, Suzy!" >the russian henchman turns around and dies not knowing what the hell hit him out of nowhere
  11. Yep, just came into my mind which map is that. The one with the portal gun hidden on it, with the huge slide at the start. I forgot the name of it, maybe i can dig it up from my maps folder Edit: Nope. Another map D: I thought it was mp_deathrun_death but it wasn't the one
  12. Now I had to play a few rounds on deathrun :D The server was empty and few moments later we had a 4-5 people lobby there. Maybe I will try to play more frequently if I can :)
  13. Few days ago we were at a bar with my friends and the song linked below started playing. First I couldn't remember where did I hear it first. I was asking them if they have the same nostalgic feeling that I had. Today I realized it is the song played on mp_dr_meatboy. Now I feel so stupid and smart at the same time :D Aaaaaaand I'm on the nostalgia train again back to 2009-2010 filled with the best of dubstep. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkime9M4z34
  14. Awwww. Just started playing the Deadly Shadows and the new (well not really new) reboot. I played this game a lot and I think it aged well! I usually play it on my old xbox console because the PC port not so great, but with a few mods you can make it work like a charm. One of the best stealth games in the past decade. If you love these stuffs try out the second and third(Deadly Shadows). Those are my favorites :) Edit: The recent reboot has kinda wonky storytelling and made a whole new world for Garrett but the atmosphere is awesome. Don't judge the franchise by that title :p
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