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Your GUID : - 
Nickname when you were banned : INMW` S!xu
Admin who banned you : QuickBreakdown
Why you were banned : banned. no recoil is clear on AK47
Why you think this ban should be lifted : Hey! i have no idea what is strange about this recording, its TDM you have UAV work most all the time, if you know the map you know where the opponents can be and where u can make wallbang, using sound is the basis. I wonder where this no recoil is ??? on AK only? wtf :D i play with 333 fps and mostly tapping mouse for better recoil (all knows thats work)
what can I say, every game of mine has always been like this, i dont need hacks to play good, im old guy this is old game i just making fun on public servers :) if you know someone from gameranger they will confirm it for sure.

I have been playing since 2010/2011 on gameranger


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Pistol as auto ? give me video haha, i think u never saw pistol as auto when someone using bind for it.. I don't even play with fullbright mode haha :D 
You have to accept the fact that there are many players who are much better than u.
what kind of cheat is this?: https://www.twitch.tv/6ixuxu/clip/PricklyZanySpindleSeemsGood?filter=clips&range=all&sort=time :D multihack vitamina 

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4 hours ago, agentx said:

Also the "flying maneuver" is pretty interesting if you notice carefully. He's literally flying, no gravity hack, i dunno. at 00:45 And the very first kill during that flight, there were no uav at that time.

You mean ,,strafe jumping" ?? :D Type strafe jump cod4 on youtube..  You have a lot to learn about FPS games :) 

Especially for You i can play with MOSS

MOSS- a program to taking screenshots during  the game (You can see if i play with WH)

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No hack involved here, ak with silencer have less recoil so it looks like no recoil. In this video ak have recoil. 

Kind regards! 

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"The Art of war is simple enough.

Find out where your enemy is.

Get at him as soon as you can.

Strike him as hard as you can,

and keep moving on."

Ulysses S. Grant

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First of all and as a last reminder for you @agentxhttps://noname.zone/index.php?/topic/7831-read-first-ban-appeal-format-and-rule/

All i see here, starts to annoy me....




No hack here !

Sorry for the inconvenience, you're able to play again on our servers.

Best regards


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