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irql not less or equal // have dmp files

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So I recently decided to upgrade my rig, because of extremely low RAM prices, a broken HDD, broken casefan, and the requirement for a new CPU cooler.
After I had done the upgrade, I also downloaded new drivers for almost everything.

But now I have run into a blue screen, with the code:  Irql not less or equal

I had run sfc, and memory check, but they couldn't find anything. My temps are good, my hardware besides from the sketchy USB 3.0 header looks good aswell.
So I am not sure what the problem is, videocard drivers are up to date, samsung magician, all intel drivers, and steam game drivers and others.

I have saved the dmp files, I am not sure, can I upload those here or does someone with a great heart willing to check them out? I tried to analyse them myself, however I am a complete nitwit when it comes to analyzing dmp files.

I had the following error codes in eventlog:

6008 6-1-2020 10:14:52 system shutdown unexpected at 22:53:32 on ‎5-‎1-‎2020


41 6-1-2020 10:14:47 The system has rebooted without first cleanly shutting-down


1001  6-1-2020 10:15:01 The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck.  The bugcheck was  0x0000000a (0x0000004000000002, 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000000, 0xfffff80642a6be32) Dumpfile was saved in c/windows/memory.dmp Rapport-id: 7388dd34-e6e9-457d-803a-3474c6eec933



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