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Aimbotlike-aim? KovaaK's Aim Trainer.

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Last week I've started my journy to get an 'aimbotlike-aim'. I chose KovaaK's Aim Trainer to aid me in that mission. (If you dont know what I mean by aimbotlike-aim, look up NateGibson, TheGamingDefinition, NexesPC, MPControlWARD or ItzTitan on Youtube)


I will regularly be updating my progress on my Youtube channel(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClOv9FdE7Ql6Gbpb4I63aiA).


This is my first upload. This scenario on kovaak's is called 'Target Switching 360 Static'. And I've gotten rank 97 at the moment and will continue to grind to get an aimbotlike-aim.



As you can tell my aim and mousecontrol are still a bit wonky. flicks aren't always on target(altho i had some godlike ones in the vid haha) but i still managed to get a decent score and rank for only just starting this journy about a week ago. Only 9 hours on Kovaak's. 


It will probably be a slow progress but I think it will be worth it.


Thanks for watching and reading! :)


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why is this satisfying to watch?

It really is haha, I love looking at the top ranked people. Its crazy how fast they flick with almost 100% accuracy.


great vid keep it up might also give it a try ;)

Thanks and you really should. Its going to help your ingame aim aswell :)


Nice man.


100x better than my aim already.


Keep it up ^^

Thanks bro. My aim wasnt "bad" to start with but I can feel i'm more consitent and more accurate now after training it on KovaaK's.

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Also I'll be using this thread to update my progress for the people who are interested or wanna try this out themselves. I'll be posting highranked scenarios or when I get better scores.



In this video I get a new Personal Best on the scenario I did before. more info in the descripition.

Thanks everyone for supporting !

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