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  1. Happy Birthday NinjaFish!

  2. Happy Birthday NinjaFish!

  3. Happy Birthday NinjaFish!

  4. Happy Birthday NinjaFish!

  5. Happy Birthday NinjaFish!

  6. One thing i do miss is space battles and there choice not to include something that everyone knows and loved from the the last game was a awful mistake. With the graphics on these next gen consoles the game could have been exquisite!
  7. ive been gone so long i even forgot who i was;)

  8. Cheers for this guys ive had a nutty few months i will be back soon!
  9. Happy Birthday NinjaFish!

  10. Happy Birthday sub thanks for all you do for us and will do! :D
  11. Still Afk until September :(

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