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    -Passed Political Sience studies
    -Cultural and the knowledge about the media, master studies
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  1. Happy Birthday Floki!

  2. Happy Birthday Floki!

  3. Happy Birthday Floki!

  4. Happy Birthday Floki!

  5. Happy Birthday Floki!

  6. Lately Marry Xmas and happy new Year everyone! :)
  7. Floki


  8. I mean this skins choose section in mod ;) I have zero knowlege about editing, mods or smoething like that, so idk if it's hard or not ;)
  9. Yes But only if there is a person who want and know how to do it, and If Mroz wont have any problems with add this to mod :D
  10. Ty for this opportunity, Im proud and will do my best :)
  11. I agreed with SmoG but with RUN also. I think We can try this option temporary to saw If this really have some effect or no.
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