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  1. Happy Birthday Joker7!

  2. Happy Birthday Joker7!

  3. Happy Birthday Joker7!

  4. Happy Birthday Joker7!

  5. I'm back guys! Remember me? :D I've just attempted to join the Deathrun server and apparently, I'm permanently banned?? ~That's a bummer... Yours truly, Joker7 :D
  6. Happy Birthday Joker7!

    1. Joker7


      Sorry I wasn't on to thank you <3

    2. Joker7
  7. Have an amazing christmas this year with family and friends! Hope all your wishes come true as you are all gifted with the ability to play COD. <33
  8. Never seen you on... Meh, good luck
  9. Lel, Hitler gets kicked from nN, hope you enjoy! Also, sorry about my previous post, the footage I used was from a very famous anime so I wasn't really surprised that it was copyright ^^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klOiVtB0Rt8 -By Joker7
  10. lel, i spectated you earlier today and your pretty sick!
  11. Welcome MAD! Your a great and funny guy! Extremely happy to know that you are in nN and look forward to playing with you! Have fun and make sure to stay active! :D Make sure to try to get involved in every event :D Hey MAD, if your good at killhouse, ask RUN or FussioNN to join the promod team! Overall, have fun bro and happy to be playing with you. -Joker :D
  12. Definitely said to myself 'Never Back Down better be there'. Lol, glad it is, I recommend it. With no doubt, it is my #1 motivational movie!
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