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  1. Lately Marry Xmas and happy new Year everyone! :)
  2. Floki


  3. I mean this skins choose section in mod ;) I have zero knowlege about editing, mods or smoething like that, so idk if it's hard or not ;)
  4. Yes But only if there is a person who want and know how to do it, and If Mroz wont have any problems with add this to mod :D
  5. Ty for this opportunity, Im proud and will do my best :)
  6. I agreed with SmoG but with RUN also. I think We can try this option temporary to saw If this really have some effect or no.
  7. Congratulation, cya on servers
  8. Welcome Odes, nice to meet u :D
  9. Floki


  10. Happy Birthday Sub ! PS. Sorry for little late
  11. Floki


  12. This screen present how noName server should look like more often. Together we are stronger. We still can make this clan grew only when we will have some patience! So stop leaving, start play (ofc if u have free time). http://wstaw.org/m/2015/09/12/Nowy_obraz_2_jpg_750x750_q85.jpg PS. @BrAiN, @FiNMikeZz, @JJBKILLER, , @JillyJill, @Dettie, and others... thanks for good game.
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