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  1. Happy Birthday Razor!

  2. Happy Birthday Razor!

  3. Happy Birthday Razor!

  4. Happy Birthday Razor!

  5. Happy Birthday Razor!

  6. Hey Acea how long ago was that ban again?
  7. The time of the year for giving, but struggling to receive gifts and wondering how to say thank you since you suck at saying thank you. So i ask, what are you going to struggle to say thank you for this Christmas? :>
  8. Woo Woo! Christmas is near, i hope you chipped in and ordered that mercedes i wanted :> (jkjk), sorry for being in-active, i haven't been able to play cod4 for long like i used to, but now 1.8 has been released i am starting to enjoy it again. How are you guys, what have i missed please update me on get go. Either way, a massive apology for being in-active, i have been seeing a therapist for private reasons so i could hope you understand there is reason behind it ;D.
  9. If you were to make the retake server Cache 24/7, it would get a lot more players. Cache is currently the best map in the game for high level players and is played more than every other map, only higher level players tend to play retake. I think there may be a console command, or you can just change the map rotation to constantly be cache. You can also make the rounds 999 so people don't leave because of the game ending every 30 rounds. I'm not entirely sure how scripting works for CS:GO, i hope it isn't too much work.
  10. Razor


    Lol, you smell more, i'll be better soon.
  11. Razor


    Skip to the bottom of the post for the main topic of this post, and don't worry about me. These are just the little bumps in life, i am just sharing it with you guys. Try not to take it the wrong way ^^. Hello fellow members, i haven't really introduced myself very well have i? I just poke around making random posts every now and then flashing my shiny yellow name to impress no one ;D I'm Razor, from Watford. Live with my mum. And 2 bros. One is annoying selfish and one is annoying and slightly selfish. I attend a college situated within Watford. I have a love hate relati
  12. OKay will do it soon substanz, thanks alot!
  13. we can set it up together smog. just gotta wait on substanz.
  14. The plugin that substanz suggested is great, allowing only 1 awp per team is a good idea, but i still think vip for awps is a good idea, when a retake server gets popular. People are usually willing to pay for awps no joke. Yes substanz the plugin will be great. Just some minor edits of the spawns and the retake server will work perfectly.
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