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Hello players,
We're proud to once again revive our Minecraft server. Some extra measures have been put in place against griefers.
For serious players this is great news: you no longer need special builder access - just join and start exploring/building!



Is it cracked?



What are the anti-griefing measures?

It's simple. Once you start playing, you are given a wooden shovel and a stick.

You are also given 750 so called claim blocks to start out with. These are used for protecting your precious areas.

Ran out of claim blocks? No worries! You gain 150 more per hour. We will crank this number up if it proves to be a problem.


Stick: right click to view whether an area has been claimed by a player.

Wooden shovel: right click to define an area to protect. Preferably this should be done in a square shape.

Start by clicking on the lowest block, then the highest block in the square on the opposite side.


From which dangers are my blocks protected?

Your blocks are protected from endermen, creeper explosions, fire, other players and more.
You can give other players access by 'trusting' them. Check the in-game commands for more information!


Which commands can I use?

Please see: http://noname.zone/index.php/topic/6661-minecraft-2020-commands/


Which plugins are installed?

Please see: http://noname.zone/index.php/topic/6662-minecraft-2020-plugins/


... What are you waiting for? Start exploring!


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