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Minecraft 2020 - Commands

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Below you can find the commands that can be used on our server (see: http://noname.zone/index.php/topic/8436-nn-minecraft-vanilla/?p=34200)


This list is not exhaustive. It only covers the basic commands. 

For all commands ingame, type /help.


Guest (Yellow)

·  /login – Login with your account

·  /register – Set a password for your account

·  /changepass – Change the password for your account

·  /rmpass – Remove your password

·  /logout – Logout and end your session

·  /pvpt – Toggle PVP mode on/off

·  /help – View list of commands

·  /helpop – Message online admins

·  /list – List all online players

·  /motd – View message of the day

·  /rules – View the server rules

·  /spawn – Teleport to the spawnpoint

·  /tpa – Request teleport to the specified player

·  /tpaccept – Accepts a teleport request

·  /tpahere – Request that the specified player teleport to you

·  /tpdeny – Reject a teleport request

·  /tps – See ticks per second of the server


User (Teal)

·  All guest commands

·  /lockette – Access to the Lockette plugin via commands

·  /ap – Main alias for AreaProtect commands  (try “/ap help” here for all commands)

·  /afk – Marks you as away-from-keyboard

·  /back – Teleports you to your location prior to tp/spawn/warp

·  /compass – Describes your current bearing

·  /delhome – Removes a home

·  /depth – States current depth, relative to sea level

·  /getpos – Gets your current coordinates or those of a player

·  /home – Teleports you to your home

·  /ignore – ignore or unignore other players

·  /itemdb – Searches for an item

·  /mail – Manages inter-player, intra-server mail

·  /me – Describes an action in the context of the player

·  /msg – Send a private message to the specified player

·  /nick – Change your nickname

·  /ping – Pong!

·  /seen – Shows the last logout time of a player

·  /sethome – Sets your home to the current location

·  /suicide – Causes you to perish

·  /time – Display world time

·  /recipe – Displays how to craft items

·  /warp – List all warps or warp to the specified location.


NoName (Green)

·  All guest commands

·  All user commands

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