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    Playing cod 4 and csgo,Stronghold:crusader,watching toons and tragic movies
  1. medical chemistry left me in tears...

    1. Marz


      oh no , what happened??

  2. Happy Birthday For_Honor!

  3. Happy Birthday For_Honor!

  4. For_Honor

    Repair guy

    u can fix it super easy follow some tutorials on yt and get them fixed, it just needs basic soldering skills and effort, I got headphones worth of 200 $ least back also fixed old Fast cahrge charging cables which gives +1200 MA
  5. For_Honor

    Repair guy

    Just fixed my old headphones He-He boi 7/24 music xD
  6. I loved playing valiant hearts which i played long ago but I remember it sometime good story i think it was true story (not sure )here is trailer of it : Now i play minecraft for keeping my creativity alive otherwise i would have quitted gaming Euro truck simulator was a piece of art tho
  7. woooow look who weve got my discord buddies
  8. i was reading a book but suddenly nn staff came to my mind i wanted to check out if yall ok any news or sth happened while i was off ??
  9. Happy Birthday For_Honor!

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