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Hi there,


Find below our standard server rules.


Rules are enforced by, but not limited to: in-game screenshots (but may not always serve as permanent proof), chat logs and videos.


Best Regards







Rule #0No Hack/Cheat/Script/Skins/Scrollfire/Nade Switching/Glitch/Jump (excluding CJ and DR)

Rule #1No Racism of any kind and No Debate about Religion or Politics

Rule #2No Abusive/Offensive language or names

Rule #3 : No Arguing with admins and No abusive behaviour towards players

Rule #4No Recruiting, Advertising or Spamming for your team, website or server

Rule #5No Abusive/Excessive Spawnkilling or Camping

Rule #6Offensive players must play for the objective and support their team

Rule #7No Tag stealing

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Rule #0: Hacking/Cheating = Permban

Rule #0: Glitching/Jumping/Script/NS/Skins/Scrollfire = Warn > Kick > Tempban 1d > Tempban 7d > Tempban 3m
Rules #1, 2 = Warn > Kick > Tempban 1d > Tempban 7d > Tempban 3m
Rules #3, 4 = Warn > Kick > Tempban 1d > Tempban 7d
Rules #5, 7 = Warn > Kick > Tempban 1-24h
Rule #6 = Warn > Kick > Tempban 7d > Tempban 3m
Ban Evading = Original Ban > Permban
h= hour  d= day  m= month 
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