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Hi there,   After a long period of indecision, it's time for us to wear our team name and to embrace our nature :   I am nN|, and i've no Name. Now, make the world aware of our volition !!! One wor

Would be cool to have our tags in the colour of our position in the clan. Not from a discrimination point of view but from an aesthetic point of view.   Also, I'm serious. How do I add colour?

^0 : Substanz ^1 : HA ^3 : SA ^7 : Rookie admin ^8 : Senior member ^2 : Member

When will the actual senior member goup will be developt? Also on the forum?

I spoke with Sub long time ago about this.Rookie members class probably will be added soon for new member in tutoring time. Senior member probably not. In this moment we don't want to have full members split into two classes. Application for admins will be open as soon as possible, when all other main things will be fixed and all will work well.

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