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Advice for new game desktop setup

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Hello all,


as some have noticed, my asus rog gaming laptop died this weekend, 3y 4m old .

Conclusion on my end and confirmed from store i bought it from.

Short circuit on the mainboard, the only thing thats left mounted on that is the CPU and GPU.

Both thermal paste is like a brick, so i gues the overheated and the build in safety did not work to shutdown before failure.
I have big sparks when i connect charger or when i connect battery on mainboard.

Game Over

So a tip for all of you :d  RENEW your thermal paste often ( say every 2y to avoid this)

Rip Asus ( 3y 4months)
Rip MSI ( 2y 3 months) 

Since it's my second laptop thats burned to dead, i have enough of that.
So i'm looking for a killer desktop.

Things i love to have in setup

INTEL I7 cpu
Nvidia GPU (maybe 2060)
16gb or 32gb ram ( laptop had 16 and was fine)

a case without much bling bling, no rgb lights ;)


Things i allready have for spare with dead of laptop

m2 nvme Samsung 970 EVO 250 GB (3500mb read and 2500 write speed)
sata 3  samsung 850 evo 1TB (550mb read and 520 write speed)



Money to spend is around 1700€


Thanks all for the advice / links to build a good computer

As last here's a pic of the bad paste job of asus on my laptop :| horrible




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if you are considering NVIDIA then I recommend 2070s over 2060. I was having the same choice and 2060 would've been short to run my games on 1440p/4k ultra.

For top of the line (and apparently much better performance?) you can consider NVIDIA RTX 3000 series. Substanz should be able to advise you further on specs

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Hey there mate!


Few recommendations on here:


Try going for a Ryzen instead of an Intel. You will get more out of your money this way


Also, if you can wait a few months until 3000 series are available I would do that. However, if you need the computer ASAP. Go for a mid tier 2000 series instead of entry level. Trust me, I also bought a 2060 and I regret not getting the 2070. It's not that much expensive but it's a much better bang to performance choice.


Also keep in mind that by going with a last gen i7 you will kinda bottleneck your GPU. You can get a 5th gen Ryzen 5 and it will both be cheaper, and play a lot nicer with your GPU


Also, as a piece of advice, yes, change your thermals often. I change mine every 6 months



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No fancy image here. Don't ask why!

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Around 2200 euros, but can be challenged around the internet shops (just used the same one for commodity, not for best price).

RGB on PC Case can be disabled

High-End components

A good basis for your goal ;)


Many things can still be adjusted/redefined


Will you need a PC Screen too ?





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Hi there Dettie!


No doubt, given your budget you can get a killer setup no matter what you buy, the point here is to just give comments.


Monitor: Choice of components depends more or less on your choice of monitor/resolution. And first you have to make a clear decision about your monitor then it would be much easy for you. So few points you can consider in your mind:

  • If you play games only, then theres no need to go above 1080p and definitely a high refresh rate monitor is a must in this budget(Personal view, not suggesting anything)
  • After this covid-era chances are that most of the work that we do, will be either given to machines or done through machines. So if the work you do, or any hobby that you have, requires workspace in future, go for 2k monitor. Definitely a high-refresh rate with 2k res with supreme quality gonna cost a lot, but you can try VGA panel if budget isnt helping. IPS monitors? you already knew what they are if you can get 'em.
  • 4k Monitor is for pure work guys, gamers can try, but theres no point in climbing a mountain just because its there, unless you are on a adventure :)


GPU: Once you've decided your monitor, you can easily get other components and ofc. YT has all the benchmarks for help. My opinion would be:

  • For 1080p go with rtx2060/s(super variant got 2gig extra V-Ram and wide-memory bus), but for high-Hz gaming with ultra graphics rtx2070/s is the killer.
  • For 2k, see if you can wait and get 3070.
  • For 4k, PS5(The only killer thing in this budget that can get you 100+ FPS). You can pair it with your 4k high-Hz monitor(€1k + €500-600), A quick setup ;)


CPU: Internet has its views, all processors from Intel/AMD are fine as long as they don't disturb your budget. But !!! I don't like the idea of getting top product from Intel or AMD, they are just mountAINS !!! Spend more on GPU if you're having troubles keeping bucks in your pocket.


RAM: Games are getting more and more details and chances are that GPU's V-Ram alone will not play the upcoming games(4-6GB will be a issue soon if you see sizes of field-view buffers in new games). Thats the reason we usually say that open-world games(like GTA-V) are more CPU dependent, because these games do part of their processing through CPU and thus actual on-board RAM starts playing into the equation of performance. And with new gen sockets and motherboards you can get a boost for your CPU by considering a RAM with little-bit more speed(3kMhz). I know most of the videos on YT says we don't need a high speed ram, but its my personal guess anyway. Combined with GPU's RAM, still 16GB is a sweet spot at the time of writing this post. You can climb to 32 but thats something you can do anytime in future and the super easy upgrade that you can consider in future.

Other things: No comments.

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Hi all :)

i've made my choise i think for all stuff.

First of all i will focus on my destop, i have a older screen to start with.
atm i think of this setup, case i don't care :) i don't want a bling bling setup, i want a dark case and no lights ;)




So with this all, case i will end at 1500€ for desktop

So i keep around 200€ for a screen ;) maybe i wait till new year and get a nice promotion, or wait black friday ...

* the intel i9 10900 is one of the latest, i hope they can deliver it, otherwise i take the i9 10700, it's cheaper and almost same specs

If you find i made a bad choise on a part, plz reply :)

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Seems like a solid list. Just FYI if the intel CPU has a cooler in the box (you can look that up) it comes with pre-applied thermal paste...

Also for re-pasting CPU i'm used to Arctic Silver 5 (maybe there's something newer now) and GPU arctic MX-4. For cleaning just use highest percentage isopropyl alcohol


PS. I have exactly the same GPU :D its great and can run ARK max easily on 1080. for 1440 you will have to turn down 1 or 2 settings

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ordered today
Intel Core i9-10900 - Processor
Scythe Mugen 5 PCGH Edition
Gigabyte Z490 Aorus Elite AC
Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER WINDFORCE OC 3X 8G
be quiet Pure Base 600
Corsair 32 GB DDR4-3200 Kit werkgeheugen CMK32GX4M2B3200C16
I hope it's ready in the weekend so i can install all my stuff again
Thanks to all who helped me chose parts

I took the 10900 above the 10700k, 1 reason, power saving, 10900 has 65w tdp vs 10700k 125w tdp
less power is less heat, best combo for longer lasting stuff :)
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  • 8 months later...

Hello all :P sorry for bumping an old long ago topic.

But i need some advice. You see my setup here, but since i have this system. My cpu goes sky high in temp on heavy load.
CPU = I9 - 10900 stock (not the special editions) MAX temp = 100 °C
So yesterday i did something high demanding ( 100% load and intel turbo mode on) result 96°C

I didn't saw this for the first 5min, because it's a quiet fan setup.

So basicly after some search ,
disable intel boost mode = 55°C on 100% load (2.8ghz) 65W TDP
enable intel boost mode = 96°C on 100% load (4.61ghz , 5.2ghz is possible also) 

Now i have this CPU cooler, adviced from my shop where i bought my computer,
after some digging ofcourse they equiped a much to small block for cooling
Scythe Mugen 5 PCGH Edition (internet search = 150 TDP max)

As i read this processor goes around 200 - 250W TDP on max stresses, and thats what i see, cpu starts at 70°C and then goes slowly to 96°C
meaning the cooler mounted can't take enough heat of my cpu :(

system setup
2x 140mm fans on the intake 1000 rpm(front)
1x 120mm fan on the back 1200 rpm
2x 120mm fan on CPU block 200-800 rpm(came with cpu block)
All blow torwards the back of my comp, so i have a good airflow

Now i watched another air cooling unit 

be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 cpu-koeler and claimed 250W TDP cooling capacity, i gues i need to buy this one asap as i'm risking my CPU to fry atm

Any other hints? water cooling seems expensive, and i'm not a fan of this ;) since i need to mount a big cooler for the water

this site was usefull for the temps :

"" Power consumption and heat output of the Core i9-10900 at stock are laughable. With just 40°C under load, it runs cooler than all the high-end CPUs in our test group, which is not surprising because of the 65 W TDP. When throttled, it chugs along at relatively low clock and voltage, which makes the i9-10900 the most power-efficient Intel processor. With just 10 kilojoules to complete Cinebench, it is more energy efficient than even the majority of Zen 2 Ryzens. Only the Ryzen 9 3900XT is slightly better at 9.6 kJ. Once you unleash the beast, things are different. Power consumption shoots up to 240 W from 140 W, temperatures rise to 75°C, and energy usage is at 14 kJ for a Cinebench run—but it runs 33% faster, making it a very interesting example to illustrate where the 14 nm process runs out of steam. Is that power increase bad? I'm not sure, doesn't everybody want options? Now you have them. You can run super-efficient and wait longer for calculations to complete or speed things up to Core i9-10900K levels at the cost of higher heat and power, which will be a reasonable tradeoff for many of our readers. ""




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