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NVIDIA RTX 2070 experience

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Since my card is currently in return (long story, but not my fault), I will write a small review about my experience with this new NVIDIA card.


Card picture (this one is around 500-600 euro):







The RTX 2070 is near the top tier of RTX NVIDIA cards (2080 Ti being the latest). This card is perfect if you want to try the latest technologies such as ray tracing and gaming in QHD+ or 4k.

This card can run pretty much any game on highest setting achieving 100 fps+ easily on QHD+. It's also able to run some games fluently on 4k. One of the things that

should be noticed immediately as I switched from AMD, is the great panel of NVIDIA Experience. It encompasses all the functionality you require into one useful app: driver updates, instant replay, etc.




In contrary to AMD panel, there is only one page with settings. The panel also allows you to optimize your game settings suited to your video card. I didn't really use this feature, as sometimes it would put the resolution to 4k which makes the UI in most games really small. Regarding Ray Tracing, it's still a very 'new' technology and some games implement it well, such as Metro Exodus and CoD MW 2019. Some other games, the performance takes a big hit (2080+ required).

The cards are advertised as RTX-capable but you should really read it as 'RTX-ready', as not all games will be run in full glory with RTX enabled.

The greatest feature for me is Shadow Play. While you are playing, it keeps track of maximum 30 minutes of gameplay, which you can save instantly. It's also possible to stream immediately to YouTube or Twitch from ingame. The perform hit seems very minimal (maybe 3-10 fps).


Well, that's about all I have to say of this card for now, sadly only had it for 2 months before I encountered some problem.


Thanks for reading


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