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  1. locked up in the lockdown

    1. Blitz


      sun doesn't care about planets


      so why don't you try to see yourself as sun and let the planets suffers from your absence.


      either way, I hope you'll enjoy it, good luck

  2. good luck our good old creative minecraft builder
  3. well i tried to reconnect but it is still their, well i have given the co-ords u can check too :)
  4. Endship generation broken, endcity spawns are also less than the average , we can barely get a endcity with ships within 5k radius. but the city i found the endship was cut in half and the endcity was fully untouched. https://i.imgur.com/M7tcDVQ.png[/img]
  5. uhh better to start the survival from scratch again cause some players can store their valuables in chest/ender chest in their bases if you will not change the overworld. But do you think it would be fun not to reset the over world too?? and provide us with the save file of the old world for memories :) . Well i also know u can update the server too 1.16 with deleting the whole e chests/ chest and inventory too.
  6. It would be good for shopkeeper plugin to add different types of items as the main payment . Like quartz, hay ,etc . So like if a player wants some items s/he can easily trade it for diamonds . Its more like a job. :)
  7. thank you hope that i can bring some more developments :P and also i will be active on forums.
  8. wow what a tongue twister phrase for me
  9. Player Name : BathrobeHer0 Player ID (If known) : BathrobeHer0 Reason: fly hacks Date and Time : 26/4/20 in 11:50 IST Server Name : noName minecraft 1.15.2 Proof:
  10. Oh sorry i wasn't opening the site for few days . Thank you for your best wishes . :)
  11. hey you all there its REDSXGHT here , one of the beta tester of the server. Always excited to make new types of farms in minecraft just to make life easier well also noting down it doesn't cause any problem. just wanna learn more about java and C++ language for minecraft and i am not a good listener too. can be a redstoner but not a builder. Just like to play the vanilla minecraft that's why i am playing here also getting good net connection.
  12. Player Name : masterjoker14 Player ID (If known) : Reason: x-ray Date and Time : 18 april 2020 , 8pm IST Server Name : noName minecraft 1.15.2 server Proof link (youtube sorry for quality):https://youtu.be/apRqTTgSEAM
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