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In game console commands

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How to enable console


For most clients, the console is diabled from gaming. All you have to do is go to "Options" - "Multiplayer Options" and change the "Enable Console" to "yes".


Then, at any time, you can just hit on the ~ key to open console or shift + ~ to open the full console, it really has no difference also make sure when typing something in consol type / before anything else



Clients Commands


The commands below helped me a lot here :


/com_maxfps 125


This is REALLY important cuz the higher the fps is, the more smoother it is in game


/cg_fov 80


Field of view (fov) is basicily how wide you see. The higher it is, the wider you will see. It is a huge advantage for people didn't use this. However, this will make everything, your enemy, bombs, and other stuff look smaller. So still, careful with it.The defult was 60 and the max is 80, it's up to you really.


/r_drawdecals 1


1 is on, 0 is off. It will clean up the random trashes, papers, ashes and those stuff in the map, it will bring you a fps boost! However, some servers want you have bad fps so it will be turned off when you enter those servers.


/maxpackets 100


This is for people who have good fps but bad hit registrations. Defult is 30, and you should increase it to 100 if your fps is 125.


/snaps 30


This command tells the game how many time it update the position of a player, bullets, ect per sec. Defult is 20, 30 will make game smoother.


/r_drawsun 0


Turn off those stupid effects to save few fps for you. 1 is on, 0 is off.


/cg_brass 0


Turn off shell ejection. Not have to render them would save you a few fps. 1 is on, 0 is off.


How to bind a key


/bind [key] say [what you want]




Open consol and type


/bind F1 say I'm to pro for you


Now when you press F1 it will automaticaly say:


I'm to pro for you


And more binds not just this


Color codes


Different Colors:

^0 = Black

^1 = Red/Orange

^2 = Lime Green

^3 = Yellow

^4 = Navy Blue

^5 = Light Blue

^6 = Purple

^7 = White/Default

^8 = Gray

^9 = Gray/Map Default




/bind [key] say ^3hello


Now when you hit your chosen key it will say

A big thanks to hyp3r

I take no credit for this

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