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Ban appeal - wooderson

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Your GUID :  2310346615858511983   ( I think, unsure how to find without PB)
Nickname when you were banned : wooderson
Admin who banned you : unknown, says rcon/admin
Why you were banned : "read the fucking rules"
Why you think this ban should be lifted :  If this is for Rule 2, the only one I feel I have broken, due to shit talking.  I have never been warned or anything about it, just found out the afternoon I was banned for 30 days. I feel 30 days is excessive without a warning, kick or shorter ban ever.  The shit talk is just part of my game, I will tone it down and stop the cursing, etc.  --assuming this is why I was banned.

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Apparently it's not the first time you've been caught by the patrol :



I've edited your tempban accordingly to our scale of punishment https://noname.zone/index.php?/topic/5653-nn-serverss-rules/&do=findComment&comment=23788

Be aware, that next time you will be caught being trash talking : the tempban duration will increase to 3 months !

Stay zen and play fair :cool:


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