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I have a question about COD MW3, is anyone playing it? Is it comparable to COD4 MW? Of course multiplayer ....

I have more and more problems with my pc and I have a macbook pro and I could install MW3 and part with pc completely.

I have a huge fondness for COD4, I've been playing it since the beginning, but I still have problems with the stability of the game, I'm not very familiar with computers,

I'm a girl who fixes cars and doesn't install props :(... recently I lost my binds, classes, even my nick changed,

I also don't have favorite ervers, although there are so few of them that you can find them on the general list.

Is Modern Warfare 3 that cool too?

please help......

Greetings INGA

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Hello INGA,

MW3 is a good game if you liked the MW serie, you will enjoy this one too. The campaign starts where MW2 one finished.

The game approaches the conflict from two different angles: urban warfare, experienced by a team of elite American soldiers, and the hunt for Makarov, initiated by the renegades of Task Force 141, led by Captain Price.

This aspect is also greatly taken up in the Special Operations, and in the multiplayer mode which takes up the theaters of operations of the scenario.

Players must fight on the streets of the biggest cities in the world like New York, London, Hamburg, Berlin, Dubai, Prague or even Paris, but also in more remote places like northern India, Sierra Leone, Somalia or Siberia.

Even if i've personaly prefered CoD4 MW and MW2 done by the original IW team ♥, you will take pleasure on playing this opus.
Forget about multiplayer here, it's kindly dead.

Feel free to share your opinion here, when you will have tested it ;)

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