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BAN APPEAL - Gen. Denaturov

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Your GUID : 2310346614179324904
Nickname when you were banned : Gen. Denaturov
Admin who banned you : System/Rcon
Why you were banned : Scrollfire
Why you think this ban should be lifted : i didn't use scroll script. I don't care about this one day ban, but if this ban made a server script, then it's broken. 

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Hai hai

Your name when you was banned wasnt Gen.Denaturov

It was "Kumi"

You was banned by Butterfly (Me) 

Since its tempban i wont provide video proof of scrollfire, and since its scrollfire theres no reason for me to record, eventho i did. 

I believe in my eyes so i hope you wont do it again because there was scrolling. 

Have a nice day/night.



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What? I change my nick from "Kumi" some 1 month ago. I dont know why is it still Kumi but what ever....

If you believe in your eyes, then you shoud buy some glasses. I dont understand why you ban someone who clicks slower than casual minecraft pvp server player, but you propably know better....

If you want, i can record the different between fast clicking than double click macro. BTW Who uses scrolling these days?

What a shame......

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