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Advice for Graphics card upgrade.

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165 + 77 + parts = 300 W approximatly, so yes your psu could suit !


80% of 400 W = 320 W


So you will reach the limit of your psu capacity ^^, np it will run smooth. if no OC of the GPU, it's fine



hey again subz, 


i was thinking of getting an rx5500xt , i heard after the latest driver update it is on par with 1660super and the price difference here is big .

is it a fine choice?


also my main question is , my psu doesnt have an 8pin pcie , it has a 6 pin pcie only. Is it safe to use a 6 to 8 pin connector?  ( on the internet , some ppl say its fine , some say its not recommended)


I did some research , the tdp of the card is 130watts,  75w can be drawn from the pcie x16 slot and 75 from the 6 pin , max 150watt so is it fine? 


my psu is corsair cx 400 


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Was just passing by and saw this topic,

Im happy i was lucky enough to have bought this card before all the crypto-mining started again haha, or any card for that matter.

the card is selling for double the price i bought it for, read some articles that the prices are not coming down for an other year or two :(


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