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Advice for Graphics card upgrade.

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So i initially planned to upgrade my gpu but my i5 3570k  wouldn't go above 1060 without overclocking , so sold my i5 3570k (it had a broken capacitor so i sold it for cheap) and 750ti to get an i7 3770 (it sells for around 80$ here , used)


Now , can't find any i7 3770. However, the search is still on .


Anyway , i initially thought of getting an 1660 super , but its almost 310$ here. Which is not very "Budgety"  for this budget series Gpu.

Also, if im getting a used 1070ti cheaper than the new 1660 super , is it worth it ?


So with 30 series launched, is there any chances that gpu prices come down or if Nvidia launches another budget series after AMD 6*** series launch or something ?

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G-CPU: I lack firm knowledge about mentions, other people will guide you best.


Money: Purchase from Black/Flea markets if theres any in your country(I can write more on that)


Prices: Assumptions based on "Ceteris Paribus" doesn't worth a shot here. Moreover, a big change isn't common but xmas/new year sales are :D

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RTX 2060 will suit easy, just need to know what's the power of your PSU


if > 600W no problem ;)


Also check if you can grab a RX5700 XT for th same price, this card will be more powerful




P.s :: your CPU is "K" or not ?

Rtx 2060 is an option , if i get a good deal on black friday and manage to import it from amazon


if not then imma try get a used 1070ti. Also rx5700xt is a lot more expensive than 2060 here.


atm i have 400 psu as i have a month or so to buy a graphics card,  till then ill upgrade my psu and ram.


I tried online psu calculators, they said my power consumption would be less than 400w , so ig 500w would be fine ? 


My cpu will be on the way tomorrow and its non K.


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