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  1. Happy Birthday my old lad ♥

  2. Happy Birthday Super!

  3. Happy Birthday Super!

  4. watch out for my next post in like 4 months , cya :3 30-11-18

  5. ''I note that it isn't speedrun'' * isn't able to speedrun -> * continues to record a video of an impecunious strafe tech
  6. Happy Birthday Super!

  7. Happy Birthday Super!

  8. Happy Birthday Super!

  9. you know I have the intel i5-4460 right?
  10. Not sure if you have read the updated list
  11. Why? What is the reason behind this, That board was point out to me by numerous expert pc makers. I will wait till june/ start of july. Maybe there are a few new things by then and I have to make sure I wont get broke on my trip with friends to albufeira :P
  12. thanks doge, many people offered me this by now. I have a friend who can do this too. I also am able to uninstall my current win7 key so I think ill figure it out. But anyway if i need more help ill ask you! Updated list btw core: i5-4460 board: Gigabyte G1 sniper b6 Graphics card: r9 290 sapphire HDD : 1TB seagate SSD: Crucial MX100 256GB Case: corsair carbide 300R Cooler: Gelid solutions tranquillo rev 2 RAM: 8GB crucial ballistix tactical Optical drive: samsung SH-224DB power: Seasonic S12-2 bronze pretty sick with all this reasearching to come to this set up imo ^^ looking forward h
  13. another update, 1 Intel Core i5-4460 Boxed € 179,95 - core 1 MSI B85-G41 PC Mate € 70,95 - board 1 Sapphire R9 280X 3GB GDDR5 TOXIC € 258,95 - graphics card 1 Seagate Desktop HDD ST1000DM003, 1TB € 52,95 - HDD 1 Corsair Carbide 200R Closed € 55,02 -case 1 BenQ GW2265HM Zwart € 113,17 -monitor 1 Scythe Katana 4 € 21,01 - cooler 1 Crucial Ballistix Tactical BLT2C4G3D1608ET3LX0CEU € 67,- 8GB ram 1 Seasonic S12G 450W € 72,90 - power 1 Crucial MX100 256GB € 92,95 - SSD Totaal € 984,85
  14. There are different cracked versions of Windows I believe, one being better than another. A friend of mine also has one, without any problems. This is gonna be my optimal set up for 1000 euros I think
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