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The following rules are for our Minecraft server (http://noname.zone/index.php/topic/8436-nn-minecraft-112-vanilla/?p=34200)

  • Rule #0: No Hack/Cheat/Script
  • Rule #1: No Racism of any kind, and No Debate about Religion or Politics
  • Rule #2: No Abusive/Offensive language or names
  • Rule #3: No Arguing with admins or No abusive behavior toward players
  • Rule #4: No Recruiting, Advertising or Spamming for your team, website or server
  • Rule #5: No Griefing (=stealing or destroying other person's items)! [permban]

Scale of punishment is described here: http://noname.zone/index.php/topic/5653-nn-serverss-rules/?p=11569

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