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Additional RAM cards

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Hi I wanted to buy some additional RAM cards for an old PC that has almost never been used.It has 4 RAM card slots, the 2 RAM cards in it are: Hynix 2GB 2Rx8 PC3- 10600U-9-10-B0 HMT125U6TFR8C-H9 N0 AA 1025I have seen on the internet cards with this serial code:  Hynix 2GB 2Rx8 PC3- 10600U-9-10-B0 HMT125U6TFR8C-H9 N0 AA 1031


that will work right?

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Same Speed and Same Voltage?


If both are the same you are good to go, you can use ones with different speeds but if you use ones with different voltages you will run into stability issues


-- iZeph


Well it's first time I had Hynix RAM cards. So I dunno where all their serial code numbers stand for. Cuz it doesnt say on the card itself.Besides that I would love to check it via CPUZ but I don't have those additional ones so I am not sure.


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