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CoD4 - Admin incident

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Hi everyone,

Last night it came to our attention that a 'random' person was kicking people on Crossfire server.
Thanks to our admins paying attention, we were quickly able to mitigate any serious damage.

It appears that the tool which manages all bans on our server (BigBrotherBot/B3) has gotten some profiles mixed up. It in unsure why this happened, likely due to end of year clean-ups of the database and the large amount of data we stored over the years. The person who got banned earlier, came back under a profile that was tagged with Full Admin privileges ('lvl 40'). I have since then gone through all profiles and reset the permissions accordingly.

We are in the process of switching to IW4XAdmin, which is a more modern tool but also requires some effort to seamlessly migrate all our existing bans.

To the players who got kicked, we apologize as we aim to have a cheat- and hassle-free experience on our servers.

nN | Staff

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