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Since some time Minecraft 1.17 has been released. On 19/6, Paper (https://papermc.io) has released it's server.
We are still waiting for all authors to update their plugins to the latest MC version.

Because our server runs a total of 45 plugins and 3 maps, it's no easy or fast job to update to the last version. We faced the same delay with the 1.16 release.
Thus, we ask some of your patience. This way we can make sure that all maps stay functional and nothing gets broken.

There have also been plenty of suggestions on Discord. Some large ones like economy will have to be planned for the future, as my time is limited.
Other suggestions, we can implement over the next few days or weeks depending on availability of me, Badass or some other admin.

You can expect an update on the status of 1.17 upgrade later this week.


nN | Staff

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Update 25/6:

Broken so far :

- Protocolib (essential)

- EssentialsX (core of all plugins)

- InfinityExpansion

- FuffyMachines

- TranscendancePlugin

Rest is updated but will have to wait for above to be fixed by author. Migrating to 1.17 now will leave the server in usable state.

Thanks so much for your patience, and we will also look to add some plugins suggested by you.


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