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I'm just an old competitive player, thought to be a cheater.

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Nickname when you were banned : Filtrated Bread
Admin who banned you : System/Rcon?
Why you were banned : Wallhack
Why you think this ban should be lifted :
Well, it probably goes without saying that I wasn't cheating.

Been playing in the competitive 
circuit since cod2 on console, and still do today on PC with smaller independent titles.
Normally, I do not play on this sever because of latency, and poorer hit registration due to overseas packet loss.
While I'm not fully aware how it is to be believed to be wall hacking, I know most the wall pentation spots that intercept traffic.

If you guys need, I can probably join your discord, and show what game mechanics I'm using.
Formerly, was in a high tier circuit on Game Battles for NA, and a trainer for some other teams as well.
Honestly, remembering it all right now was kind of a nostalgic treat anyways.

 But anyways sorry became lost in thought! If I can help out somehow let me know, and we'll see what can be done.
I'm excited to hear back from whom ever the admin will be to review my appeal, and hope you have a good day!

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You were originally banned back in 2018, but somehow it got deactivated allowing you to come back on the server.


I re-banned you today because of that. Don't think we still have the demo from 2018 and I didn't take mine so I unbanned you already.


We will check how/why it happened. In any case, sorry for inconvenience. Another admin will take a final decision.




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Ahh, thank you!
I think have a screen capture of the old 2018 one if you need, and If the info is needed it was the same circumstances then as now.
I was probably either unaware of a appeals system, or too busy then to follow up on that then, like now.
But, lockdown gives a lot more free time these days in the states.

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