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Minecraft 1.15.2 - horizons update

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Today we are releasing some changes that we will call the horizons update.
It is in preparation of the 1.16 server and will expand the game landscape literally by allowing access to different worlds in the near future.
Below is a list of changes (note: world changes will only take place during the actual 1.16 update).

  • GriefPrevention help message text fix.
  • GriefPrevention enabled in the nether.
  • Multiverse added to server. Type /mv help ingame for information.
    /mvl - list all worlds/mvi [world] - list world info
    /mvh - list help pages
    /mvcoord - list current coordinates
    /mvtp - tp to different world
    /mvwho - Displays who is in which world(s).
    /mvs - Teleports you to the spawn.
    /mvrules - Lists the set gamerules for a given world.
  • Shulker shell datapack added to world.
  • Shopkeeper high currency change from minimum 3 to 2 diamonds.
  • Spectator inventory mirror fix (achievements are no longer given).
  • TNT re-enabled, but cannot be crafted by players. It must be traded or purchased from admin shop.
    This now makes it a rare item in the game given its limited availability

Hope you will enjoy this step towards more fun :D




nN | Staff

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