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  1. Happy Birthday Sovetskiy-Soyuz!

  2. Happy Birthday Sovetskiy-Soyuz!

  3. this guy used bugs on nuketown to get on roof. he used his friend which was in enemy team. and he killed us all from roof soo... i hope u guys know how to add block and fixing bugs etc... otherwise this post is useless https://imgur.com/a/EU4Eas9
  4. pokachuja and others in attack camped.... most of time pokachuja was camping in house and in spawn, he never went to other side, never. i wanted to do !notice camping, on him but he is admin, so admins can break rules i guess. also Flash kaczek was camping withhim, i assume it was his friend. also he dont respect any rule at all... he can insult,racism and other stuff because "admins allowed to abuse" :D some proof: https://imgur.com/a/dfj5J9E https://imgur.com/a/b4Rkuxx
  5. so your admins/members allowed to camp, to insult and other stuffs, but when u say something they warn and shit. Please verify you staff before giving admin to randoms https://imgur.com/a/FYqKvTi this stuffs on pic is very high insult to me so STOP and if you say that to me go 1VS1 AND DONT BE PUSSY. Stop with provocative LANGUAGE learn your admins/members some respect.... PLS
  6. @puddingsbane, I never insulted anyone or cheated on your servers.... I use words like fk when rage or rly, maybe sometimes wtf when shoot is really strange or luck... its not towards anyone
  7. Whatever you say pls lock topic... or dont reply on it
  8. I can get 3 months ban for using 1 word is really dumb... but okay if you say so. Just lock topic I dont want any argues here, because if I start argue I cant stop.
  9. So im saying fk when I get killed or like rage... I dont mean to insult anyone and I dont spam it... I just say like fk or rly... so admin say im offensive and insult.... even thi I use it because I rage when someone kills me.... I would understand if I would get warn for insulting someone or spamming word... which I dont do... SO ANSWER ME PLS
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