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  1. Ramadan Kareem Mubarak !! :-)

  2. hey stelthi, thannkew lol :D Nice to see ya too :) Hope so... Wish me luck with the game too lol :D Same feels. Thankew :) Thankew mate... :) Pringlepover y0 hopefully :) Substanz Thankew so much :) who? xD
  3. hehe thankew... colorful one, you may say ;) I hope the same for myself xD Stay Blessed.
  4. Assalam O Alaekum !! Well, well, well... Finally, I am here on noName forums :D It's been quite some time that I've been playing on noname servers (mainly killhouse) and now I am on the forums. I've played with some really good players here at nN and I've found this community a really interactive one so I decided to put up an introduction of myself. So, here we go guys :P With the nick black_hawk, people knows me at COD and I have been a regular CoD4 player at nN servers but outta practice for quite some time and back to the game now, since I've been playing CS. I am from Islamabad, P
  5. Stelthi :D that was some nice intro ;)
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