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Resident Evil | Chronology of events

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''Can you save the world?''



Warning: spoilers! Be careful.
Everyone knows those popular characters, who fights with bloodthirsty monsters during almost 19 years. This series of games has become a legend of the survival horror, where you should beat zombies in apocalyptic world. We came face to face with a variety of creatures and won this fight, but it isn't the end. Over this period, the developers have released 27 games, so quite easy to get lost in the story. For now we'll try to remember, how this war started and what happened after.
The main story has beginning in 1998, but release of the first game was in 1996. Monstrous murders began to occur in Raccoon City, where were sent detachments of special forces named Special Tactics And Rescue Squad (S.T.A.R.S.). However, they were defeated, and the remaining team members are hiding in the mansion. Among them were Chris Redfield (former pilot), Albert Wesker (commander of the group) and Jill Valentine (master for hacking locks). There our heroes have found, that this mansion serves as a cover for the laboratory of developing biological weapons (Umbrella Corporation). But the experiment went out of control, and now most of the creatures created by the corporation, broke free and began to attack people. But then another surprise was waiting for us. It turned out that Albert Wesker was an Umbrella’s secret agent and betrayed his team to experience the monsters in battle. However, he died, and Chris and the other survivors left the city.


Redfield got a purpose to reveal all the secrets of the corporation Umbrella, so he wasn't in Raccoon City, where there erupted apocalypse. Then he went to Antarctica to search for his sister Claire, who was abducted by mercenaries of Corporation. There they fought monsters and with resurrected Albert Wesker. Chris, along with Jill destroyed russian corporation, thereby end Umbrella's life. However, terrorists seized the virus, and monsters were spread throughout the whole world. Chris and Jill established Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA). They participated in most operations but after another meeting with Wesker, Jill disappeared.
Chris was desperately searching for her. Along with his new partner Sheva Alomar, he arrived in Africa, where the deal was to be held with the participation of Wesker. Finally Chris found Jill and saved her from impact of the new virus.
Then, for him fell on hard times. He lost his partners in some operations and turned into alcoholic. Piers Nivans saves him from alcohol and together they embark on a new operation. Suddenly they find out that terrorists headed by... Ada Wong. Then turns out that this is her clone, Carla Radames. In battle Piers loses his arm and decides to use the virus for victory. They won, but mutated Piers refuses to go away. Then Chris have to evacuate himself.


Another main character, Leon Scott Kennedy, comes into Raccoon City one day after beginning of apocalypse, right after finishing Police Academy. He meets Claire Redfield, who was searching for her brother. Together they meet Ada Wong, who wants to unmask the corporation Umbrella. She also wants to get virus, which was created by William Birkin and his wife Annette. Claire and Leon find a little daughter researchers, Sherry. They have to fight the mutated father of this girl and safe her from virus. During this actions, Ada saved Leon's life for several times. Between them appeared romantic feelings, but after another battle Ada was wounded and Leon decided that she died and left her.


Then Claire went for search her brother and was trapped by Umbrella and Leon looked after Sherry. But soon US military took the girl and Leon got new job. Kennedy turned into agent and told Chris where his sister is. Leon was ordered to return the stolen daughter of president, Ashley Graham. He is faced with a new kind of virus, which enslaves minds. Then he meets with Ada Wong again. She helped him to survive but took the sample of the virus.
New President decides to reveal the details of what happened in Raccoon City, but turns into a zombie in front of Leon. Kennedy was forced to shoot him, and together with his co-worker Helena Harper trying to get evidence of his innocence and kill the main terrorist, Derek Simmons. Here he meets with Sherry and Ada. Leon wanted to stop Wong and tell her everything he feels, but she slipped away from him again. As always, she has her own interests in all missions she gets.
Sherry  works for the government and received the task to deliver them Jake Muller, Wesker’s son. They needs him because of his immunity to the virus. 


Thus, we discussed the main storyline. However, the continuation promises to be even more exciting.
We'll see.


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