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Found 7 results

  1. Hey everyone, I had a bit of time to discover Resident Evil Re:Verse during open beta and would like to share with you gameplay and tutorial videos. For those who don't know, Resident Evil Re:Verse is a multiplayer mode that's going to be available for owners of Resident Evil Village, an upcoming sequel to popular franchise. You begin a match as a human (Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Ada Wong, Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield or Hunk) and shoot other players. When dead, they are going to respawn as a bioweapon (Fat Molded, Hunter y, Jack Baker, Nemesis or Syper Tyrant).
  2. Resident Evil Re:Verse is a multiplayer mode that's going to be temporary available for all owners of upcoming Resident Evil Village. But even if you didn't pre-purchase this game you can join open beta which begins 07/04/21 at 23:00 PDT. It's already can be installed from steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1541760/Resident_Evil_ReVerse_Beta/
  3. Watch the walkthrough of Maiden, the first Resident Evil Village demo which is available only on PS5. But good news: another demo is in the works and it's coming out this spring on all platforms.
  4. In this little post I would like to share with you everything I know about State of Decay 2, an open world survival game that I played the most in 2020. I purchased the 1st part earlier that year during the winter sale and enjoyed it quite a lot despite of numerous bugs and obvious flaws. So when the summer sale kicked in, I picked up the sequel without a moment of hesitation. Turns out, it's one of the best survival games I've ever stepped into. Skip to the short version >>>> Introduction Originally released in 2018, State of Decay 2 got two maj
  5. Techland continues to work on Dying Light franchise and still doesn't stop to update the original game with more content and new features. The 2nd part is going to be larger, more detailed and with many improvements. Dying Light 2 will bring us to an open world, crowded with infected monsters and zombies. But that's not the only danger that you will meet: bandits and hopeless survivors are coming out by day to scavenge some resources, even if it means stealing... or killing. Our protagonist, Aiden Caldwell, has been infected by the virus and has an advantage du
  6. Original Dying Light offered their players a lot of challenges, missions and features for a long and enjoyable gameplay, according to 64K positive reviews on steam. And The Following DLC appeared to be even better than the main campaign, which is a great factor of its quality. More than that, Techland is still releasing updates and organizing community events, 3 years after the official release. Now they are working on a new competitive mod called Bad Blood and on the sequel Dying Light 2. In upcoming game players can expect: Impr
  7. Intense compilation of all possible game styles. Zombies Chronicles contains many old loved guns and maps. More info here. Watch this new trailer to see gameplay in action: Sledgehammer Games didn't tell us more info about zombie mode in Call of Duty: WWII yet, but they gave us some interesting intels. You can find them here.
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