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Introducing Mod: Omega

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This mod is quite new and looks very nice.



Ark Omega uses dynamic generation to create OVER 100,000 DINOS!
It also makes all creatures tameable and rideable.
This is done through assigning random abilities and stat tiers to dino on spawn.
These abilities range from being able to shoot fireballs, to turning the ocean to air.
The stat multipliers, types of kibble used, colors, egg types, and more are all dynamic.


The items are every bit as dynamic as the creatures.
Items can be imbued with random affixes like an ARPG game.
This includes stat bonuses, damage reduction, elemental resistances, and more.
Also, Unique/Set items exist which can provide massive bonuses to dinos and players.


The spawn system in Ark Omega is very unique.
All Ark Omega dinos are piggyback on their original Ark versions.
The spawn system allows ANY original ark dino to spawn in ANY map.
This means expansion creatures, and their Ark Omega versions, will spawn in all maps.




Nobody of us played it yet, so if you are interested in learning it all together let us know :cat1:

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