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New version of GPU-Z now detects fake nVidia cards

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This is more on a software side of things but it's interesting non the less. You all seen it on websites like newegg, amazon, ebay and such there are a bunch of graphic cards that are falsely advertised on  what they are.


Modified BIOS to make the card look  like something else than it is. Cryptocurrency mining has seen many cards snapped up and dumped only to end  up  on auction sites like ebay, so it's very tempting for the seller to modify the BIOS of a low end card and make it appear as a modern higher end card, and make some extra cash in the process knowing most of  people are unaware of the changes and won't even look if the card is modified in any way.



TechPowerUp has released the new version of the GPU-Z software that now has the ability to detect those "fake" modified cards. It's not clear how they've done this but it works.

You can download the new version right now on TechPowerUp website here: https://www.techpowerup.com/download/techpowerup-gpu-z/


Here's the comparison of how GPU-Z would determine a legitimate nVidia card over a fake one:





This new feature still won't protect buyers from buying a fraudulent GPUs, but it will allow them to determine if the card they bought was fake or modified in any way.


Hats off to you majestic people.

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