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How i record gameplay/cheaters

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How I record cheaters.
Many allready know how and there is alot of other ways. I got the question how I do it a few times and just wanted to share with you my procedure. If this helps the severs to get rid of just one more cheater it´s was all worth the time writing the post.
First of I´l go through the programs needed.
Fraps acts in the background. There is a hotkey that starts the recording. Hotkey is by default "F9" but is customisable. Free version only allowes 30 seconds of footage but it isn´t that expensive and there are immoral ways to get it to. I´m neither judging or encuraging.
To make it short in Fraps you need to:
1. Choose hotkey
2. Adjust FPS (frame per second) in a way your pc can handle, in my case "30".
3. Choose a folder for recorded movies.
4. Start and stop recording ingame with hotkey.
https://imgur.com/a/Ot9pz   -- Helpfull screenshot of fraps.
Handbreak -  https://handbrake.fr
Handbreak is a software that makes your recorded movies smaller and faster to upload to youtube.
I use all the default setting and i just have to choose a single file (your movie) and set a folder where the recorded comprimated movie is saved.
To make it short in handbreak you need to:
1. Choose a single file (your frapsrecording)
2. Choose save folder and name the comrimated movie
3. Press "start encode"
https://imgur.com/a/EiC09 -- Helpfull screenshot of Handbreak
My one exception.
When I´m suspicious but really not sure i use the ingame recording. In console (enable in settings if it isn´t allready) use /record and /stoprecord.
The reason is that fraps movies can be huge and sometimes i spectate a player for a longer period of time. Using ingame recording allowes me to record alot. If there is time I start fraps and record more for the final evidence. If there isn´t i playback the ingame demo and record that with fraps. I made a habit of recording alot, it´s fun spectating to :)
You can find the saved demo files in your cod4 folder under main/demos.
Upload to youtube and dont forget to make the video public.
Submit a banrequest in forums. 
Recieve prais from your friends.


Old man writing a storm.

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