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READ FIRST - Ban Request format and rule

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Dear reader, user, member,



Thank you for posting a Ban Request and help us in cleaning our servers. We do appreciate it.


To make sure that all request will be clear, we ask you to follow these rules :

  • Please do not discuss in requests, unless a dicussion has been asked by the banning admin


  • External sites (except YouTube or similar) and demo files are not allowed


  • Only one topic per ban
Only in a exceptional case, whether you or your info contributes to the banrequest (for instance: new proof), you are allowed to post in an already existing ban request.


Our staff will examine your request as soon as possible. Please be patient.

If these rules are not followed your Ban Request will be simply closed.



Best Regards,



COPY/PASTE in your Ban Request



Player Name :

Player ID (If known) :


Date and Time :

Server Name :





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