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Inspirational & Motivational movies

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There are some inspirational and motivational movies with good stories and wise quotes about sport, business and life. Feel free to share your movies


Last update: 12.01.16




1. Million Dollar Baby (2004)

This ideal in all respects, a sports drama is not only about boxing but about how important it is to follow your dream, despite the conditions, the complexity of the objectives and opinions, even loved ones.





2. Southpaw (2015)


Billy Hope grew up in an orphanage and from childhood through all of life's obstacles he held together with his beloved wife. Now he is a successful boxer, he has a family and fame. But a sudden tragedy destroys everything.






3. Rocky (1976)


One of the most popular dramas about the role of a simple guy in a big box. It includes also the continuation of the Rocky movies.






4. Never Back Down (2008)


The protagonist begins to engage in fighting, and the film shows how much efforts he needs to put in trainings to be succeed.





5. The Social Network (2010)


Biographical drama that shows the birth of Facebook.





6. The Fighter (2010)


Biographical drama about famous boxer Micky Ward.





7. Girlfight (2000)


Another sports drama about an ambitious young girl who has decided to try boxing.





8. Invincible (2006)


Coach of popular american football team Philadelphia Eagles decided to hold a competition among all who wish to join it, and what came of it.





9. Freedom Writers (2006)


Young teacher begins teaching lagging multinational class, students are accustomed to survive in the streets of gang violence. Her goal is not only to educate their school subjects, but also to give a hope that they have a better future.





10. Boiler Room (2000)


Drama in which you can highlight a few key points of business development and methods of business conversations.





11. Erin Brockovich (2000)


]Drama about a strong woman who is not accustomed to give up, even when seemingly everything has been lost. Erin Brockovich raises three children alone, has almost no money, but still trying to achieve justice for the injured people.





12. Conviction (2010)


The main character's trying to prove the innocence of her brother, unjustly condemned to a life sentence.





13. Eat Pray Love (2010)


The woman goes on a journey to find herself.





14. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)


Young family with a child. Debts. Taxes. Fines. There is no money even for that to pay for housing. But the main character doesn't lose the hope that is still possible to achieve the best, and makes the first steps on the path to happiness.





15. G.I. Jane (1997)


Elite training program for the military. Not every man would agree to go there, and not everyone will be able to hold out until the end. However, the main character, the first woman who dared to pass this program, is not going to give up. She will go through any difficulty to prove that man is capable of anything.





6. Men of Honor (2000)



The protagonist has dream to serve as an officer in the Navy. He has ambitions, he trains hard and strives to prove his devotion to the dream. The only thing that prevents him to achieve the desired - the color of the skin.





17. Blue Crush (2002)


In the center of the story - four girls who loves surfing. The main character got the chance to participate in the contest, the outcome of which will decide her future.





18. Soul Surfer (2011)


The main character is a girl who likes the windsurf from childhood and even participated in the competition. But one day, during a training session she was attacked by a shark, and as a result the girl has lost one hand. She did not even allow thoughts to quit the sport, and family help her to get back on board.





19. Chasing Mavericks (2012)


The main character in his fifteen years has gained the basic skills of surfing, and now wants to conquer the highest and most dangerous waves. He decides to seek help from one of the most respected local surfers.





20. Riding in Cars with Boys (2001)


She became pregnant at 15, and now all of her dreams about the future life collapsed in a moment. For years, she had tried to achieve her goals and become a good mother for her child.





21. Forever Strong (2008)


The young man used to living without thinking about the future. He plays rugby, but  usually spends his spare time in the noisy company. Everything changes when suddenly he finds himself in the prison.





22. The Ron Clark Story (2006)


Teacher arranged to work in the lagging class, and now he has to win the respect of new students and help them to change their destiny for the better.





23. Have Dreams, Will Travel (2007)


The incredible story of two teenagers in love who decide together to go through all the obstacles of life and achieve their dreams.





24. The World's Fastest Indian (2005)


The protagonist has spent decades to carry out long-held dream - to set the record on his own vehicle, and now he will make a decisive move.





25. Cinderella Man (2005)


After several defeats the protagonist leaves boxing and interrupted with a lousy job to another, to provide wife and children, but he still hopes one day to return to the ring.





26. The Blind Side (2009)


This ignorant, clumsy, big black guy was the subject of ridicule of others, until he found a woman who decided to help him find his own way in life and achieve the success.





27. Awakenings (1990)


The scientist comes to work at the clinic, where he notice patients with unexplained illness. They do not move and do not speak for several decades, and no one can help them. He decides to find out the reason for such a state, and awaken them from many years of "sleep".






28. Ladder 49 (2004)


When the building is burning, everyone run away. But not these guys who throw themselves into the fire to rescue people in distress. The main character shows how dangerous this profession is and what difficulties in his personal life he has because of it.






29. The Bucket List (2007)


Two completely different people who have lived a completely different life, find themselves in a hospital room with a terrible diagnosis - cancer. They decide not to wait for their fate, and go to the last journey, to implement each of the items on the list of what they wanted to do in life.






30. 8 Mile (2002)


History of Detroit 90s where the mess is going on in the streets and inside people's hearts. All of this is present in rap, which the main character lives.






31. The Help (2001)


This film reflects the destiny of black people in America '60s, and particularly women, working as a maid for white people.






32. Peaceful Warrior (2006)


The protagonist is a young gymnast who dreams of winning gold at the Olympics. However, he is irresponsible, frivolous and prone to foolish adventures. An older man decided to show him the other side of life.





33. August Rush (2007)


The boy grows in a orphan's home, but believes that parents love and wait him. He discovers his unique talent in music, not knowing that his mother is the cellist and his father is a guitarist who for many years dreaming of being together. The boy thinks that if he will play a lot, the parents will be able to find him, and decided to take the first steps toward his dream.






34. The Guardian (2006)


The film tells the story of the rescuers - the brave guys who are willing to give his life to save a stranger. One experienced rescuer forced to take a break from hazardous jobs and to train young people to this profession.





35. Warrior (2011)


They met in the ring. Each has his own purpose for the victory. They are brothers, but they can’t retreat.






]36. The Hurricane (1999)


The life story of Rubin Carter, an outstanding boxer, who falsely accused sent to prison for three life sentences. He wants to prove his innocence, but over the years the hope of gradually leaving him. Faith will return him new friends who will not stop until Carter released.






37. Gladiator (1992)


Young guys get on the boxing ring to earn money and for many of them it is the only way to provide for themselves and their families. Friendship will help them get out of the clutches of the manipulators.






38. The Grey (2011)


The plane crashed near Alaska, and several passengers have to survive, finding themselves in the middle of the pack among wolf deserted snow-covered territory. The film is about that you need to fight to the last, even when exhausted all efforts.






39. Gladiator (2000)


The Colosseum takes the lives and hopes of many gladiators who have fallen to under tragic circumstances. But one of them is Maximus, a brilliant military leader, whom the emperor has betrayed and destroyed his family. General will present the faith and knowledge of the introduction of the fight other gladiators, and will not give up until achieve justice.






40. Rain Man (1988)


Very kind movie about family. How person can suddenly change after one meeting and become more benevolent and wise.






41. A Beautiful Mind (2001)


The life story of John Nash, whom genius borders on insanity.






42. Forrest Gump (1994)


The film shows the story about Forrest Gump, retarded, but very kind and honorable person.






43. Gravity (2013)


The space is attractive and dangerous. The main character went through the real loneliness, when she stayed alone in this frightening infinity.






44. The Terminal (2004)


While Viktor Navorski was in the plane, the coup d'etat happened in his country. And now he's stuck in the airport with passport from nowhere.





45. Grudge Match (2013)


Comedy about two former boxers who have decided to carry out a decisive battle and put an end to their long rivalry.





46. Pain & Gain (2013)


The film tells the story of the semi-serious manner about three bodybuilders who have decided to get rich, and thus radically change their lives. An important role is played monologues rather than the story itself.





47. Nightcrawler (2013)


Louis Bloom was trying to find a good job, but instead of that he found a vocation. He bought a camera and now spends all nights trying to catch some accident on video for the good money. And Louis is very good at that.





48. The Walk (2015)


The movie tells the story of Philippe Petit's Aug. 7, 1974, high-wire walk between the Twin Towers.






49. The Green Mile (1999)


One of the greatest movie of all time. It is filled with the pain of others suffering, and love that can save people.





50. jOBS (2013)


Good movie with many inspirational quotes.





51. Gran Torino (2008)


The protagonist is an old cynic. His family forgot about him and thinking only about his property. But the new neighbors changes everything.






52. John Q (2002)


The son of the protagonist is seriously ill, but the family has no money for treatment. The desperate father takes hostages in the hospital, so doctors have to help his son.



To be continued


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I know most of em, awesome list of movies! thx jj


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