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nN| New Server Admins lvl 60

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Hi there,   The nN| Leading Staff is proud to announce you that : @Evinrude, @Dettie, @LanCesteR & @DarkBlackOMG are now Server Admins lvl60 (sorry for the late announcement).   Join me to wish t

Hello there,   nN| Leading Staff is proud to announce that @stelthii has joined yellow's tribe   Let's congratulate him for this accomplishment and wish the best of luck on his admin career   Best reg

Hey there,   The nN| Leading Staff is proud to announce that @Puddingsbane has joined the Server Admins lvl 60 tribe   Join me to congratulate him for the good work he's done and wish all the

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Congratulations to @Dogeand @Roohansama. As part of your efforts, and us reorganizing our structure, you were promoted! For the other Rooke Admins, you have been moved back to the Members group. You can re-apply for admin status at any time.

Keep up the good work.

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Hello and everyone thankyou so much. I didn't expect to see this when I logged in this morning! [I'm a bit late haha]

I'm super happy to be apart of this team, despite being inactive... but I promise when I'm online, I always try and play my part! 

It's been a long time already, but here is to many more years!

Thanks again


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