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I have a few questions to my fellow minecrafters in the server.

So I thought, for the every day discussion and questions, this is the topic to be.


QBD, what is the seed of our server? (Edit by QBD: 3700272708395078095)

And does anyone have any melon seeds? I want to build a farm outside, but I am missing melon.


Furthermore does anyone have a clue where the nearest village is? I know there is a village consisting of 2 buildings and a well & a farm on the other side of the sand plain next to our houses (quite a walk). But the trading with the villagers there is quite expensive, and there are only 3 or 4 of them.

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Coords of mesa  (X/Z):  -2700 1200

Coords of sand village (consisting of two houses, and 3 villagers) (X/Z): 273/-348     There is a farmer (fisherman, can you believe it, in the middle of the sahara??!!?) and 2 other guys. I made anot

The village jillyjil visited before has the coordinates 520/328 which is pretty close.   Be aware I have made a wooden fence around the village so that the villagers wont get eaten by zombies or other

The village jillyjil visited before has the coordinates 520/328 which is pretty close.


Be aware I have made a wooden fence around the village so that the villagers wont get eaten by zombies or other mobs. There are a few gates; one near a pond, one near a manhole, and one in the open field (which has a double gate, so that horses can get in).


There are 12 villagers in the village I believe. Sadly no blacksmith, nor a farmer nor a priest. Only butchers (2/3) leatherworkers (3) and clerics and one librarian. I had to kill 2 villager zombies, maybe it was just zombies spawned like that. But there are 2 big farms, and there is a church. But both the farmer and the priest are missing. 


The place is now full with torches. oddly enough, no iron golem for such a big village.



P.s. if you trade with the leatherworkers you can get saddles for your horses :D:D

P.p.s. Don't kill the villagers. They are valuable for trading.


Furthermore, Acea had already beaten the game by killing the enderdragon. There is a stronghold under the water at 160/800 I believe (quite close at least). 

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Another village found not far from the stronghold. 360/728

There are a few things with this village. There are 2 villagers trapped inside a house zombified. I have made 2 potion of weakness and I will create 2 golden apples. Please do not kill them.


There is no wall yet. As I was exploring the place during rain there were quite some mobs around (2 skeletons and aparantly a zombie). I do have quite some wooden fences to place them.Far from everything has a torch or enough torches in it. Please be carefull approaching this village.


Some houses are unreachable for villagers, as they are too high for them to enter. It is a smaller village than the village jilly has found. But it has a librarian. I wasnt long enough around to check good, as I was already attacked, it was getting dark and I tried to lock the zombies inside.But I am afraid no blacksmith (again)...

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Dunno if anyone already did it, but the zombies were gone. There was just no way they would escape, so I assume it was a spawned villager zombie.Anyways, I have build a fence around this village aswell. 3 gates, one facing the acacia forest. One facing the sand hill (double gate for horses) and one facing the oak forest.


There are only butchworkers and librarians in this village. Oddly enough, there is no library. They do trade emeralds quite cheap however (25 paper for one emerald in contrary to jilly's village, which has cheapest around  35 paper).

No church, no blacksmith.

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