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This a a Tip for everyone out there if you don't use fraps or bandicam or xfire or what ever else you use


See a hacker?


First you want to bind this by opening up consol so you don't always have to type it so type in consol:


/bind F6 "record"



Now when you press F6 on your keyboard it will start recording automatically


Then when you have enough proof you can make another bind so type in consol:


/bind F8 "stoprecord"


Now by pressing F8 the recording will stop


As we don't accept demos you want to go a locate this record


So you will find it under


Local Disk/Program Files/Call Of Duty 4/Main/Demo


The name of the demo ( if its your first demo ) will be named record0000


now how to open this demo?


There are two ways


1. Download CoD4 Player which plays demos google CoD4 player


Now for 2


2. If the demos don't open with CoD4 player , you can simple do this


Locate the demo once again


Cut it to the folder


Mods/Modern Warfare


Then create a folder name Demos


And paste in there


Then open CoD4 and go to the mod Modern Warfare and select the mod once in the menu open consol and type


/demo demo0000


And hit enter it will open the demo


Now you need to record over the demo with something


Use: Fraps , Bandicam or xfire


Once recorded you going to want to format the video so its a smaller size


So download:


FormatFactory or others there are many more


Once formated upload to youtube and copy the link of the video


And make a ban request


Hacker Down


Hope this helped you out


If anyone wants to know more PM me




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So, adv with this Tuto or method, is Small File Size. And you don't have to Record the Demo with Xfire or other clients, if the player is already banned by Admins. Because Admins take their own Proofs. I like it better than directly using the Clients. Because, I don;t usually have to upload all the videos. I do it only if Ban Appeals are made. (And my bans are not exactly Appealed. A record of only 2 ban appeals so far xD)

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