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So uhm, Hi, again?

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Hey guys, dont know which of you remember me or not, but here i am again, i guess.

I've already introduced myself back in the day, life's been happening and ive kinda stopped being on here alot, but always been hopping on to see whats up with the best family online.

So yeah, I'm back, this time im not planning on leaving (Done my school and my army so yeah, im free :) )

So, Hi again, glad to be back. 


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On 11/14/2021 at 6:56 AM, JillyJill said:

Welcome back! I remember you :D


Glad to hear you're doing good. Hope you will make it to server admin!


Which games are you currently playing?

Not playing too much atm, looking for a game to keep me busy lol, cant find the one to do so :X


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