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Hello again, and something strange happened.

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Hey, it's Uncrewednut7 from back in the day, if you all remember me.

A flash occurred, my old memories were played back to me. I remember I used to play CoD a lot and had joined a clan which hosted my favorite servers. Those were probably the best few months of my life.

Then life happened, and I got lost, and I can't promise I'm back for long. I will try to enjoy my brief time here.

A funny thing occurred, I was going through the introductions here. I was shocked to see an account named Ghoul, name-dropping my OG IGN. I thought it was some imposter cosplaying as me, but as I digged a little deeper into the replies, I realized that it was my writing style.

So somehow I forgot I hunted down the new forums and made a new account (this is 2015). And COMPLETELY forgot I did something like that. Honestly, my memory is very hazy. But wrecking the Crossfire 24/7 and Broadcast 24/7 servers is something I still fondly remember.

Thank you all old buds, and cheers to new people on this forum.

I'll try to be active here for sometime.



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