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Uzi - Banned for Wallhack

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Your GUID : 57607686 (this is what it was way back in the day for PB, not sure now)
Nickname when you were banned : Uzi
Admin who banned you : Not sure, looks like I was banned when maybe not on the server? Tried to connect today for the first time in a while and was banned 
Why you were banned : "Wallhack"
Why you think this ban should be lifted : I'm not a hacker, just a washed up competitive player who's 31 now getting older... I hop on cod4 every once in a while to relive the glory days of cod. 

http://www.legit-proof.com/search?m=guid&q=57607686&p=1  - here's a random link to my PB from back in the day, should match my game these days. I'm I guess most known as Uzi - full name is Adam "Uzi" Wedekind

I posted this as I found the echelon ban from July I suppose: 1700595



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Does anyone have a /record or a demo of this? I don't want to call anyone out for the worst config of cod4 I have ever seen but I don't play on default settings, my nvidia colors are way up, my lodbiasrigid and lodbiasskinned are turned to 4. There are graphical settings in 2021 that this video is not using. I wouldn't call it hacks, it's just you can't see anything in this video because the person recording is on the worst settings I have ever seen.

The explanation of these kills is I'm shooting lanes/spawns. The balcony top middle is easy to see, all of the shots that look like I'm shooting through pure smoke on this recording I assure you I'm shooting a lane or the smoke isn't as prevalent as it seems. the 1:52 which shoots through his head, he's peeking out of the melons back hallway door and if the FOV on this recording wasn't at 60 you wouldn't see the person's head in front of me but the guy I actually shoot. Overall I'm playing Ak47 which is the promod weapon of choice and top damage, and i'm running stopping power and deep impact and bandolier. So I have max ammo and do as much damage per bullet as possible. This is a HARDCORE tdm, mostly 1 bullet kills anyone. I don't have to worry about giving my position away because this is tdm and just out for kills and because I have 200+ odd ammo I'm just using it... why not use it? Especially when you've played as long as I have and know that crossfire really has only a few choke points. There is no downside to shooting in cod4 hardcore tdm.

At 1:00 i'm shooting randomly... don't kill anyone but was just clearing it out. I don't remember every game I play but my guess is the dude that died on the stairs showed up on UAV just before that and I thought there might be another hiding at the barrels or the half wall.

It looks like fullbright or some version of it comes on at the end of the video. Basically those settings are a good start.

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I am not sure what settings you have, and I am aware that there are fov and specially fullbright settings that let's you see through smokes sometimes per bug.. But It happens about 5? times in this video, and specially the kill at 1:33 has 2 smokes; a fully bloomed smoke and a blooming smoke in front of you, and you still hit the shot? That is not what I would call normal...

Anyway a Red Admin will give the final decision.



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While watching your gameplay I already kept in mind that you could've had settings that allow you to see clear through smoke. Giving this fact, I also add few times where you missed an enemy and was spraying a place with a dead body (probably the dot was still on the radar?). 


However, there are still a couple of moments when your aim snaps way too fast in my opinion... but the video isn't evident enough to prove you hacking.




You can play on our servers again.

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