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Your GUID :
Nickname when you were banned : Lt.Firebird
Admin who banned you : Andromeda? I think
Why you were banned : Stated Wallhack
Why you think this ban should be lifted : Started match and ran into a player named Silent_Observer who was camped out around the spawn area. After that, almost everytime I was quicker on killing the player wherever we met on the map. Near the end of the match the player called an admin and accused me of abusive camping. I was camping to a degree, I'll admit to that. However, I was using the M249 with the grip attachment, double tap and deep impact. Coupled with an active UAV, you can pretty much guess where someone is camped behind a wall and fire through the wall. In the hallway next to the bus on Crossfire, I sprayed into the hallway, killing one then I noticed a hitmarker for a second. I sprayed again killing the second player. I don't wallhack, I suck too bad to be wallhacking. lol I think that since I was beating the other player, they decided to become malicious and get me banned for being slightly better in one match.

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 At this point in the match, there were enough people that were camping that you could wall bang and get lucky. I will own up to camping some, but no way was I wall hacking. However, this is your team's server and I am just a guest. Whatever you folks rule, will be it and I will abide by that ruling.

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I was spectating u before I started with recording......and I saw a lots of "very suspitious" shots....and then I started with recording:

00:02 following the target and kill through the wall ( if there is only spraying, you would keep spraying, but u were not)...that was not spraying, that kill was very precise

00:05 following the target again through the wall, but the target was too far for killing through the wall.....then moving right and when the target showed up (near Bus)...KILL

and last very distant kill.....so precise with one shot ???


Eveybody knows that these are not "camping spots", especially not on the side of the enemy....


UAV has delay don't you know that?!



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As mentionned on this thread already, we're lacking of more evidences about clear wallhack here.

For this reason :


You are able to play again on our servers.

Be aware that you will be under strict control by our side ! As you're lucky, i think you will find the way.

@Brasil_66 Just few more clear shots next time pls ;)




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