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COD4x 20.0 update...HELP!

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Not sure if any of you have installed this update, but it will break the game, as it has mine and others. See the forums on the COD4x.me site. I may have to "once again" reinstall my cod4 game and then go through the rigorous hassle of updating all the way back up to COD4x ... what ever the new version is. :( .... If anyone had solid info on how to turn this back, Please let me know. The 20.0 update does not show up in any of my Activision/COD4 files...anywhere, trust me, I have searched for days. So it's not just a matter of deleting that update. What's the latest version you are running? Please send me a link to a known good site so I can download it and hopefully fix my game. BTW, I'm not using Steam. Never will.

Thanks ! 


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