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Nickname(s) In-game :ref lex

Real name (optional) :Hamza

Age :20

Location (country) :Pakistan

Steam ID : -

Discord ID : -


Games that you play on : Currently cod4, bo2, mw2 and coc

Which nN server(s) are you playing on ? :Crossfire

How many hours do you play on our servers in average ? :3-4 hours. Depends on my free time

Why do you want to join us ? : I was in search of an good and active clan so I found nN| clan. I thought I should give it a try.

Why should we accept you/ What can you bring us / Which is your personal talent ? : I've been playing cod for a long time now and I think that I've got everything for what it takes to become an member. I also have 5 years adminship exp, so I can deal with hackers easily :D . I can look after the server.

Have you been in another clan before ? Which one(s)? : Several, I don't even remember the names. The last clan I remember I joined was [AmG] but it was a year ago.

Adittional info :-

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I took a quick look at your chatlogs and would like to precise that offensive language isn't allowed and need to be avoided in the future.


1482727    ALL    move your ass, bitch    Sat, 03/04/21 (07:23)
1482730    ALL    says a dumbass camper    Sat, 03/04/21 (07:23)
1489078    ALL    fk off bitch    Mon, 05/04/21 (07:59)
1489087    ALL    move from base retard    Mon, 05/04/21 (08:01)
1507387    ALL    another dumbass    Mon, 12/04/21 (11:34)

By the way, are you originally from Pakistan?

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