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assuming that she knows binary code i would think she converts the head and number to 0 and 1. now she toss the coin 2 times. she can get 00, 01, 10, and 11. 00 - first dress 01 - second dre


bubble gum?

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I think we will reach the door. Only that we will do it in infinite amount of moves.



Let S = distance left to the door, then the first move will be = S x (1/2).

In regards to the total distance we'll end up with an equation of: S = 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 + 1/16... 1/n. There are infinite middle points/moves between us and the door, so we'll always traverse half of half.

At the same time, if we combine the above with common sense, then we know that we will (eventually) reach the door.

In the end, we'll reach the door, but with infinite points of "moves".



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John has three daughters who are all unmarried. The youngest always lies, the oldest always tells the truth, and the one in the middle either tells the truth or lies. A very rich young man comes to John's house and says he wishes to marry one of his daughters. Naturally he wants to marry the oldest or the youngest so he will always know if she is lying or telling the truth. John agrees but says he can only ask one of the girls a yes or no question to decide which one he marries. They all look the same age. What one question does he ask one of the daughters at random to figure out which daughter is the youngest or oldest?




Click on the spoiler below to reveal the correct answer.


Is she younger/older than the other one? 


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He always should pick the younger daughter based on what he knows. If he asks the older daughter and she says yes, then the youngest daughter will be known. If he asks the older daughter and she says no, then the youngest daughter is the other one.

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Well, if he asks the oldest daughter a question 'is this the youngest one?' while pointing a finger at one of the two, he will know the answer. But that's only assuming that he knows that he's asking an oldest daughter.

If I understood right, he doesn't know which one of the sister he asks a question, or am I wrong?

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